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Since June 2017, when a few passionate people at Abram Ward Community Cooperative looked at the possibility of developing a framework of support, we’ve been working hard to continue that vision.

Launching the MadeinWigan Project, helping individuals turn their skills and ideas into Community Businesses, forging relationships with the wider Social Enterprise Network and Private Businesses whilst participating and advising on the Council’s Community Wealth building project. None of this could be done without the help & support of you the volunteers, fundraisers & donators from all around the Borough.

It’s crucial that we continue to receive your support in order to grow the positive change that we are now able to influence Borough-wide in our new extended role as Wigan & Leigh Community Co-Operative.

Volunteer for us

Our core services are delivered by a team of individuals each with their own unique skills borne out of their own life/work experiences.

Their involvement started in a voluntary capacity and through sheer passion for their role, they have continued to provide guidance, insights and advice for the benefit of people who otherwise would have been unable to connect with or start their own Community Business.

We’re always looking for volunteers who can add new skills and support. Are you willing to support in this way by providing your knowledge, experience and guidance as a Community Business Mentor. Or are you able to help out at one of our fundraising events?

We’d love to hear from you.

fundraise for us

Whether it’s to support an individual in getting their community business idea off the ground, to help us provide business related materials or even business premises through the re-acquisition of disused buildings around the borough, there are many reasons that our Charity needs funds.

We’re always looking for fundraisers who are willing to do incredible things for the growth of the local economy and the benefit of the local community. Are you willing to support in this way? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

As Wigan and Leigh Community Charity, we will be hosting Annual Participatory Budgeting events, where we will donate funds to support new Social Economy organization's with seed funding to help them to Start Up.


Your business has the benefit of experience, it has the benefit of expertise and it has the benefit of success.

As such it is immensely valuable to the people of Wigan Borough - people who aspire to start their own business journey. In order to become a valuable commodity within the local economy, they need the help of mentors with skills across all areas of business from accounting & finance, HR & Law to Sales & Marketing. Over the years we have been supported by many leaders and their teams in local Businesses such as Connolly, Milliken, Magicalogical and Yellow Jigsaw to name but a few. 

What better way to contribute to local wealth building than to mentor the next wave of would-be business owners living right here in our Borough?
Are you someone or have you identified someone who might benefit from becoming involved with WLCC or any of our initiatives such as Made in Wigan?

There are various ways that you can get in touch to take things forward.

It may be that you want to make contact to first find out if there really is a ‘fit’.

You may want to speak on the phone, come and visit us on behalf of someone, or maybe you’d like to bring someone along for an initial chat.

Whichever route you prefer we can accommodate.

First things first though, share some brief details and we’ll be back in touch!

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    Wigan & Leigh Community Charity. Business Community Hub. Platt Bridge Community Zone.
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